AKC-FSS Application Information

The Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America, Inc. is in the process of grouping FSS Registration applications for a group discounted price. You do not have to be a member of DSFCA to use this form.

Information you will need to fill out the application

The items listed below must be submitted for the AKC to consider registration

  1. The properly completed application, signed in ink.
  2. The registration fee.
  3. A clear and legible photocopy of the original Certificate of Registration indicating the dog's registry and owner of record - do not send the original certificate.
  4. A clear and legible photocopy of the three-generation Certified Pedigree (or Export Pedigree, where applicable). If both the sire and dam of the dog identified on the application are AKC-FSS registered, print the AKC-FSS registration number of the sire and dam in the appropriate spaces on the front of the application. In this case, you may omit the copy of the Certified Pedigree. Do not send the original pedigree.
  5. All foreign dogs being registered with the AKC-FSS are required to have positive identification. This section of the application must be completed to show:
    1. The type of identification (tattoo, microchip, DNA profile),
    2. The identifying information and its location on the dog
    3. The registry recording the identifying information. The identification may be done after the dog is in the United States, but prior to AKC-FSS registration.
  6. Two three-by-five-inch color photographs, providing close-up front and side views of the dog in a standing position.
    There is a nice article here about how to take pictures to show your dog.

What is a Certificate of Registration?

The Certificate of Registration is your proof of ownership and identification of your dog. It contains:

  • Your dogs kennel name
  • Registration number
  • Sire and Dam
  • Breed
  • Color
  • Breeder
  • Owner's Name and address
  • Co-Owner's Name and address
  • The dog's Sex
  • Date Whelped
  • Date the registration was issued

All dogs must submit a Certificate of Registration.

What is a Pedigree?

A pedigree is your dog's family tree. It displays the registration numbers as proof of multiple generations. Both the Dam and the Sire must have registration numbers to be considered a generation.

If your dog's dam and/or sire have been registered with AKC-FSS you will not have to submit a pedigree with your application. The same policy holds true for littermates previously registered with AKC-FSS.

Note: Anyone can order a dog’s Pedigree, it does not have to be the owner. There is only dog info and the name of the breeder on the pedigree. Only the owner can order a registration certificate.

Do I need a DNA Test?

ALL imported dogs must have DNA testing unless they have a certified copy of their pedigree showing 3 generations.

The dogs no longer living in the United States that have ARBA registrations will not need DNA testing. Please make a note on your application that your dog is nolonger living in the Unites States.We will hand walk those applications through the process.

What are Colors and Marking Abbreviations?

To keep the applications uniform please use the AKC standard abreviations.

Have questions or need help please Contact Us here

Below is a list of Danish/Swedish Farmdogs registered with AKC-FSS. The list needs some corrections as to the number of generations. If you see a dog listed incorrectly please notify us so we can submit a report to AKC-FSS.

Report Date: Monday,11/10/2014  09:57AM

Dog Name

Reg No.


Stolta Ebbas Einride Of Sweden WS36387501 3M
Gonzo's Hannah WS36388301 3M
Agerhonen's Flora Flode Karamel WS36388401 3M
Team's Alexias Flicka     WS44728501  3M
Hennagardens Fara Felicita                         WS48250101   3M
Gullvivebacken's Christina                         WS48250002   3M
Sofalex Greve Gimson                               WS45049401   3M
Stolta Ebbas Oliana Olwen                          WS45352301   3M
Gartnervejens Ingi Af Rind                         WS45449201   3M
Crows Point August                                 WS47247701   3M
Muttington's Circuit Sam                           WS48249901   3M
Gullvivebackens Cajsa Dot Matrix                   WS48250001   3M
Stolta Ebbas Pomona Pandora                        WS48249801   3M
Stolta Ebbas Njord Noatun                          WS45026201   3M
Total Number with 3Gens Marked (needing additional information):  14
Pacific Rim's Barbary Bart WS36387301 3
Pacific Rim's Bernalia Dot WS36387302 3
Pacific Rims Bolinas Cloud WS36387303 3
Annika's Joaquin WS38944901 3
Valhalla's Duchess WS38945102 3
Valhalla's Peewee WS38945104 3
Valhalla's Beast WS38945103 3
Valhalla's Fiona WS38945103 3
Valhalla's Cinderella WS38945101 3
Flora's Salty Dog                                  WS38945401   3
Matilde's Ruby WS38945601 3
Flora's Morning Glory                              WS38945402   3
Valhalla's Ollie WS39329803 3
Valhalla's Odin WS39329801 3
Valhalla's Gracie WS39329805 3
Valhalla's Pistol WS39329802 3
Valhalla's Stella WS39329804 3
Flora's Winnemucca Nevada Gertrude WS39656702 3
Flora's Echo Utah WS39656701 3
Flora's Wasatch Mountains Utah Tak WS39656704 3
Flora's Lake Tahoe California Metro WS39656705 3
Flora's Minnehaha County South Dakota WS39656703 3
Annika's Mateo WS38944902 3
Topo Valley Three Fingered Jack                    WS45361604   3
Topo Valley Joaquin Murrietta                      WS45361602   3
Topo Valley Tiburcio Vasquez                       WS45361603   3
Total Number with 3Gens Actual: 26
Flora's Braveheart WS36388201 2
Flora's Ollaliberry                                WS37837101   2
Flora's Sagewood WS38945701 2
Total Number with 2Gens: 3
Flora's Han Solo WS38945501 1
Sittac's Leif WS41029001 1
Kitenga Jolly Joss                                 WS47012501   1
Kitenga Kissed By Kite                             WS47012701   1
Kitenga Don Dooley                                 WS47012601   1
Kitenga Kissed By Keller                           WS47012801   1
Little Denmarks Benedicte                          WS47292401   1
Kastaniebakkens Flora Frokenhat                    WS48251501   1
Little Denmark's Great Greta                       WS48266801   1
Total Number with 1Gen:  9

Total Dogs Registered: 52

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